European best destinations 2024 - Riga

District guides

Discovering Riga through its various districts one by one is like peeling an onion. One can only meet the city's true soul through the diversity of its unique colors, streets, bars, and people you will meet along the way.


Discover the less trodden left banks of River Daugava.

Grīziņkalns & the Avotu Street area

Long, narrow and filled with wedding stores, vintage parlours, and hipster bars – the unique charm of Avotu street is undeniable. It starts at the crossroads of Čaka and Blaumaņa street and meanders all the way to the Grīziņkalns. A former workers' district, Grīziņkalns is experiencing a slow rebirth.

Čiekurkalns & Mežaparks

On the North of the city, at the banks of the Lake Ķīšezers, sits two residential neighbourhoods – the former manufacturing powerhouse Čiekurkalns and the family-friendly Mežaparks.

Latgale district guide

While still grappling with its reputation as a famous crime scene spot in the 90s, today, the district is a tranquil outdoor gallery of wooden houses and religious temples.

Soviet heritage in Riga

Seeking some USSR thrills? Here's a list of some Soviet pearls scattered around Riga

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