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Grand Stage at Mežaparks

Various cultural and events take place at the Grand Open-Air Stage in the Riga suburb of Mežaparks, but the most important of these events is definitely the Latvian Song and Dance Festival, the tradition of which dates back over 150 years.

The Mežaparks Grand Stage was built in 1955. After the last large-scale reconstruction in 2021, the stage has acquired a new visual form - called the Silver Grove on the Song Hill, designed by architects Juris Poga and Austra Mailītis. The unique construction is made of columns and trusses and extends into the sky at a height of 35.8 meters. 510 acoustic shields are installed on the metal busbars. As a result, the site is unique and complex even on the European level. The newly built stage can hold 12,874 choir singers and has more than 30,000 seats for spectators.

At present, every residents and guest of Riga has the opportunity to see this important cultural site, the main venue of the Latvian Song and Dance Festival - the Mežaparks Grand Stage, the indoor Kokari Concert Hall, as well as the exhibition hall.

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