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Ehxibition "In the Name of Desire"

By uncovering the diversity of themes of sexuality and sensuality in the history and present of Baltic visual art, the exhibition will show hospitality to the multitude of manifestations of sexuality. The exhibition In the Name of Desire will shed light on artists in Latvian 20th century art history who have bravely taken up the investigation of sexuality and the phenomenon of desire. Furthermore, contemporary artists will take part in the exhibition with existing or specially created works, interpreting this socially still awkward subject in the media of painting, graphic art, photography, sculpture, installation and video art.

The exhibition will critically revisit the objectification of women's bodies in visual art, shifting the focus to the representation of the female experience and a feminist approach. For the first time in Latvia, Baltic queer art will be surveyed and presented at such breadth, demonstrating inclusive thinking and openness towards questions of self-identity regarding awareness of one's sexuality.

Latvian National Museum of Art 27.04.2024 - 28.07.2024
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