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Ballet The Jungle Book

Nature, friendship, love, trust, hope, and above all – family. In the jungle, where life flows in accordance with the rules of the animal kingdom, a human child appears unexpectedly. He’s discovered by Mother Wolf, who knows human nature all too well. But she decides to protect and raise the boy because "who knows, maybe this one will be different?" The boy grows up in the jungle. There’s no shortage of joy and adventures, yet despite this, something drives the young man to the city and human companionship. He decides to leave the jungle under the shadow of its ruler, Tiger. Although it appears like he’s found his place and home among humans, the boy’s heart still yearns for nature, animals, and the jungle.

Choreographer Raimonds Martinovs has created the characters and the plot for the ballet The Jungle Book by drawing inspiration from the English author Rudyard Kipling’s collection of stories, with music composed by Kārlis Lācis.

  • 28 Sep 12:00
  • 28 Sep 18:00
  • 10 Nov 12:00
  • 10 Nov 18:00
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