VEF Culture Palace is among the most interesting venues in uptown Riga. The building was constructed in 1960 and since then it has served as a venue for various cultural events - international meetings, congresses and art exhibitions, as well as performances of well-known foreign artists and local theatre companies. Various events are presented here also today.

VEF Culture Palace has always been the largest cultural institution in Latvia, housing many artistic groups and studios (now 48), and countless events. The building was named after the State Electrical Engineering Factory (VEF - Valsts Elektrotehniskā fabrika), which was one of the biggest companies in the country until the late 20th century. The premises hold concerts, exhibitions, conferences, anniversary celebrations, graduation ceremonies, guest performances, etc., with services by VEF artistic groups also offered. The Palace has two theatres. The main one has 502 seats in the orchestra and 338 seats in the balcony; 32 additional seats are also available. The stage with a movable disk is 14 metres wide, 14 metres deep and 11 metres high. The Chamber Hall has a small stage, its seating capacity is 300 to 400. It can hold concerts, parties, balls, dance competitions, workshops, lectures, congresses, and other events. The foyer (305 m2) with a balcony can also be used for exhibitions, parties, concerts and balls. Two cafes (75m2 and 132m2) are also available here.

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