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Parks and Gardens

At the beginning of the 20th century, Riga's parks were not called parks, but resorts - a place to relax and regain health. It must be said that this description is even more accurate in today's urban reality than then. In total, the city has almost twenty parks and gardens of different sizes - each with its own character and personality. In this section the most popular of them.

Bastion Hill

Bastion Hill is one of the most romantic places in central Riga, as it features narrow paths, alleys of trees, stone garden, water cascade... The park right next to the Freedom Monument has been a delight to an eye and soul for more than a century. Either it's winter or summer - special amosphere is always here.


This centrally-located park is 8.75 hectares large, and surrounded by Elizabetes, Kalpaka, Krišjāņa Valdemāra and Brīvības streets.

Riga Zoo

Riga National Zoological Garden (Riga ZOO) is the oldest zoo in the Baltic States, which boasts about 400 species of animals and about 3,000 animals.

Kronvalda Park

Kronvalda Park (originally Strēlnieku Garden) is 11.92 hectares in area, with the city canal running through it. Bordering Elizabetes, Kr. Valdemāra streets, Kronvalda and Kalpaka boulevards.

Viesturs Garden Park

Triumph Arch and the sound of a tennis ball meeting a racket at Viesturs Garden Park remind you of the exciting competition at Paris' famous Roland Garros tournaments. The venue once saw the formation of the very first sports clubs in Riga. The park still has the third generation of elms once planted by Russian Emperor Peter the Great. The park is also known as Song Festival Park as the first festival was held here in 1873.

Daugava Promenade

The promenade on the right side of the Daugava River stretches from Old Town all the way to the Ķengarags suburb of Riga. An excellent place where one can be near the water and enjoy a stroll.

Vērmanes Garden Park

Vērmanes Garden Park is Riga's second oldest public park; the numerous benches are always occupied by Rigans and visitors to the city, the historic open-air stage features various concerts, and children have fun on the park's playground.

Ziedoņdārzs Park

Ziedoņdārzs Park is located on the very border between Riga centre and suburbs. The park is surrounded by high stone buildings on Čaka Street from one side and old wooden houses and narrow streets from other sides. Ziedoņdārzs Park was set up shortly before World War II; today it has regained its historic charm and become a popural leisure place for families with kids and elderly people. Its special feature - a fountain with sculptures of frogs.

Lielie kapi Cemetery

Lielie kapi Cemetery is an architectural landmark of state importance with memorial tombs, a burial ground and park owned by the Latvian Lutheran Church. It is located between Brīvības, Mēness, Miera and Kljānu streets.

The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia

From February to April, azaleas in the hothouse; in spring, the magnificent magnolias; at the beginning of summer, banks of rhododendrons; in the heat of the summer, roses and peonies and in autumn, dahlias.

Arkādijas Garden Park

Arkādijas Garden Park is a typical landscaped Riga park, located in Torņakalns.

Lucavsala island

An island on the Daugava river, which only a few years ago was full of abandoned sheds, has become a popular place for bathing and recreation after the launch of renovation works. The Lucavsala park attracts children, those who prefer active recreation and other residents who want to enjoy nature while remaining close to the city centre.

AB Jetty

The narrow land strip in the middle of the Daugava River becomes one of the most popular recreational areas in the summer - various events take place on the AB Jetty, there are many cafes and art galleries, or people can simply take a walk there to see the beautiful panorama of Riga afforded from the jetty.

Uzvaras parks (Victory Park)

Victory Park is a large, picturesque park in Pārdaugava and was named in honor of the Latvian army's victory over Bermondt's troops in 1923. After the demolition of the Soviet-era monument, the reconstruction of Victory Park began in 2022, and a year later the landscaped part of Victory Park built and completed.

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