Izbaudi Rīgu

Ballet Antonija #Silmači

The summer is in full blossom, the sun goes uphill towards the summer solstice, and the love-sick heart of Antonija, the mistress of Silmači house, gets dizzy... The ballet Antonija #Silmači is a romantically dramatic story about the longing for a fulfilled personal life.

It was inspired by one of the most popular Latvian theatre plays, Rūdolfs Blaumanis’ comedy The Tailor Days at Silmači. The ballet is one of the Latvia Centenary Celebration’s projects and, along with previous Juris Karlsons’ balets The Silver Veil and Karlsson Flies... enriches the repertoire of Latvian original ballets.

October 2019 -
  • 12 Oct 19:00
November 2019 +