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Early Music Festival 2024. Gregorian Chants

The Early Music Festival is a charming event that offers the chance to experience the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras in the churches and concert halls of Old Town Riga.

In the concert program of the Early Music Festival, which will echo in the vaults of St Peter's Church on a July evening at dusk, the beautifully harmonized voices of men will intertwine with the unique Medieval instrument, the clavicymbalum, which will be played by Ieva Saliete, the winner of the Grand Music Prize, who knows the nuances of early music. Her focus will be on the magnificent and hitherto little-performed repertoire of the musical codex of the Abby of Saint Martial of Limoges. It has its roots in the first half of the 12th century and, even before the famous Notre Dame School of Paris, marks the beginnings of early European polyphony.

Concert participants:

Vocal group Schola Cantorum Riga, artistic director Guntars Prānis

Ieva Saliete (keyboard)

St. Peter's Church 22:00 12.07.2024
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