Ballet - Hamlet. Tell Me (No) Tales.

Inspired by subtexts from Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet, Antons Freimanis, in his first full-length ballet, deals with the relationship with death, the past and the future, and challenges the generations to a dialogue. Meanwhile, the musical score of the production was created as a conversation between the old master Sergei Rachmaninoff and the contemporary composer Linda Leimane.

Already in her school years Elza Leimane had a fascination for Imants Ziedonis' Colorful Tales and its painting paradox and touching absurdity. Leimane is inspired by these tales to tell the colorful history of ballet in the production Tell Me (No) Tales. Musical authors - Jānis Šipkēvics (Shipsea), Matīss Čudars and Kaspars Kurdeko.

Latvian National Opera and Ballet 19:00 09.12.2022
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