European best destinations 2024 - Riga


Art collections dedicated to different eras and art genres can be found in Riga’s galleries.

Art Platz

The mission of the art gallery Art Platz is a desire to sharing between art, people and society. Our goal is to discover and popularize emerging artists, to promote art in public space, and create a place for the artistic and cultural experience exchange.

Digital Art House

Digital Art House is a place where one may teleport to other dimensions. Where he can immerse himself into masterpieces of genius Gaudi, Monet, Degas, Kandinsky, ukio-e engravings and many others in the surround of dancing light and sound.


The MuseumLV gallery acquaints its guests with the creativity of modern Latvian artists. We select our authors based on the quality of each work, as well as on the  personal long-term relationship with each one of them.


A selective selection process results in this gallery's presenting an exclusive and distinct line-up of artists, primarily contemporary.

Gallery Daugava

"Daugava" is a place where one can become acquainted with Latvian contemporary art, take in personal exhibitions or conceptual displays organized by the gallery's curator, as well as purchase art periodicals and works of art.

Māksla XO

The gallery's basic mission is based on the idea of finding its special place and meaning in the international art world by offering a powerful, creative and many-sided modern and contemporary art generation. Since 1999 the Māksla XO gallery has developed a well thought out programme of exhibitions that includes solo exhibitions by the artists represented by the gallery and annual gallery projects - group shows.

Galerija Istaba

Galerija Istaba is an art gallery, a shop and a restaurant featuring relaxed and artistic atmosphere. The Bufete Restaurant upstairs opens up a view on the exhibition at the gallery and Kr.Barona Street. Each table is decorated differently to remind one of an actual room (istaba).

Noass and Betanovuss Floating Galleries

Contemporary art can be displayed in various places. Now two floating galleries "Noass" and "Betanovuss" on river boat platforms offer an unusual venue for contemporary art projects on the Daugava River in mid-Riga.

Art Pegazs

The Pegazs Art Gallery offers Latvian classic and contemporary art work, exhibitions, framing services, collecting, selling and purchasing art.


Jēkabs Art Gallery is one of the leading and most experienced companies in the Latvian art market. Over the years they have been engaged in art exhibitions and auctions, as well as selling works of art on an individual basis. A place that emphasis on Latvian classics in art.

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