European best destinations 2024 - Riga

Ornamental abundance on Strēlnieku Street

One of the most extravagant examples of Art Nouveau in Riga can be found in the ‘Quiet Centre’, 4a Strēlnieku Street, in a building designed by Mikhail Eisenstein.

It has a fantastically rich ornamental facade. It was built in 1905. The building is an example of an eclectic, extremely decorative direction of the style, abundant with different constructional elements in the facade’s design. The wealth of ornamental details can be clearly appreciated on a closer look, with its combination of traditional historical forms and Art Nouveau motifs. The former private school was used as a dormitory in Soviet times. In 1993/1994 it was renovated for the needs of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. The facade was renovated, while in the interior some specific details were saved.

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