European best destinations 2024 - Riga

The leading market squares were once demolished or rebuilt in many cities worldwide. Guides showing different European metropolises say: "There used to be a market here!", but it is not a story about Riga, because right here, in the middle of the city, next to the Daugava, lays the impressive Riga Central Market, one of Riga's most interesting sights.

Today, the buildings serve as market pavilions and have become an integral feature of Riga. They were initially built in Kurzeme, Vaiņode, as a hangar for German army aircraft - zeppelins. When the Riga Central Market was opened in 1930, it was recognized as the largest, best, and most modern in Europe. At different times throughout different periods of history, it was invariably in the heart of Riga, often called the belly of the city.
In 1949, the Central Market name was changed to the Central Collective Farm Market, which was praised by the Soviet press as the best market in the Soviet Union. Still, in 1997 the market area, forming an integral part of the Old Town, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The market has always been a symbol of prosperity. Here you can find the most expansive and freshest selection of fish in Riga and confectionery, fruits and vegetables, spices, honey, nuts, and other insanely delicious snacks! Every day, many people here also find other valuable household items, flowers and plants, and handcrafted items made with love.
Having survived the harsh reality of the rebirth of capitalism, "Riga Central Market" has once again found its place and flourished, gathering all sorts of people in one place, wherein the very center of Riga, in the most colorful area in the city, you can buy almost everything, but exceptionally healthy, tasty, colorful and diverse produce what Latvian countryside has to offer.

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