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Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau, the distinct style in art of end-19th century and early-20th, was the "father" of modern architecture. Riga is a well-known Art Nouveau mecca.

As the population of Riga swelled, so did the demand for new apartment houses. Thus, over 100 high-rise stone and brick buildings went up, creating the city's distinct look. Eclecticism, the predominant style since end-19th century, was gone by 1904, making way for Nouveau (about 40% of downtown Riga). Certainly the Latvian capital stands at the forefront in this regard.

The central location for Art Nouveau style buildings is the downtown quarter known as the "quiet centre" - just a 10-minute stroll from Old Town. It is a vibrant feature in Riga's history, with Albert Street truly the main gem. Each edifice there is a unique masterpiece of design and construction. The style's active period was relatively short - from 1901 to 1908. Eight of the Albert Street buildings have been officially designated architectural landmarks.

Information/photos: www.jugendstils.riga.lv


Places to see

Alberta Street

Alberta Street is regarded as Riga’s Art Nouveau gem, since it is full of splendid historical Art Nouveau-style buildings from one end to the other. The area was erected in a short period of time – from 1901 to 1908, each of the buildings standing alone as an inimitable 20th century architectural achievement. Eight buildings are now recognised as architectural monuments of national significance.

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Art Nouveau at 10b Elizabetes Street

Art Nouveau plays an important role in the historic architecture of Riga; it is mostly concentrated in a neighborhood referred to as the ‘Quiet Centre’, which is a 10-minute walk from the Old Town. It is a gorgeous feature among the historic facades of the city.

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Ornamental abundance on Strēlnieku Street

One of the most extravagant examples of Art Nouveau in Riga can be found in the ‘Quiet Centre’, 4a Strēlnieku Street, in a building designed by Mikhail Eisenstein.

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Riga Art Nouveau Centre

Rīga is one of the few European cities where Art Nouveau architecture, art and design objects have survived in great numbers. It is even called "the metropolis of Art Nouveau". There are 800 Art Nouveau buildings in Rīga, mostly located in the city's centre - particularly on Alberta Street. Riga Art Nouveau Centre can also be found on this street, in the former apartment of the renowned Latvian architect Konstantīns Pēkšēns, who lived and worked here till 1907 and designed this beautiful building.

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