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Co-financing Programme for Business Events

The co-funding Scheme is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of Riga as a meetings and events destination in the region, attracting more international events to the city and boosting the number of participants in these events.

Organisers of the following types of events are welcome to apply: 

  • conferences, 
  • congresses, 
  • training / capacity-building events,
  • incentives with an element of staff training / capacity-building,  
  • international trade shows. 

To be eligible for the Scheme, applicants must be either a: 

  • legal entity listed in the Business Register,
  • higher education establishment and scientific institutions registered in Latvia,
  • foundation or association listed in the Register of Associations and Foundations, 
  • or several legal entities joined in partnership with each other. 

Event organisers from abroad are welcome to apply by partnering with a local industry representative or the Latvia Convention Bureau.

To qualify for the co-funding, an event must comply with certain conditions: 

  • it is taking place at a hired venue in Riga, which the organiser is paying for, 
  • foreign delegates are spending at least one night at accommodation facilities in Riga.

Amount of support available 

The Agency determines the amount of support (EUR 20 per foreign delegate or company) based on the number of foreign delegates taking part, which cannot be less than 20% of the total number of participants at the event. 

Conferences, congresses and training events may qualify for an additional 10% if they represent an industry assigned priority status by Riga City Council - information and communications technologies, medicine, biotechnologies or financial services. 

In 2024, the city has afforded a budget of EUR 200 000 towards the Scheme. 

Charter for allocation of co-financing under the Co-financing Programme for Business Events here

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