European best destinations 2024 - Riga

Active leisure

Ķīpsala swimming pool

For 35 years, one of the most beautiful places in Riga - Ķīpsala - has housed the largest swimming pool in Latvia. The Olympic-sized swimming pool with 8 lanes of 50 m in length welcomes the best swimmers in Latvia every day, as well as all lovers of water and a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age, skills and preferences.

Jetboarding on river Daugava

Experience the thrill of jetboarding right in the heart of Latvia! A jetboard is a revolutionary water sport device that allows you to glide over the water's surface powered by an electric motor.

Kayaking in Riga

Kayaking in Riga (Rigas Laivas) offers you the chance to discover the city from a different perspective - rowing in safe, two-seated kayaks along the Riga canal, the river Daugava, coves, canals and tributaries.

Paintball and laser tag in Zaķusala

This paintball park is the first in Latvia to offer the smaller and more precisely targeted soft cartridges and to open up specially designed fields with authentic obstacles and dummies. If you don't like paintball, you can try laser tag. The modern technology allows the result to be followed live and provides up-to-date statistics after every game! The park is open 24/7 (prior registration required).

Wolftrike drift hall

The WOLFTRIKE® Drift Hall is the place to have positive emotions, both after a busy day at work or a fun day out on the weekend with family and friends! WOLFTRIKE® tricycles offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy controlled sliding without any prior experience or special training. All you need is a good mood, the desire to compete and some adrenaline!

AvioSim - Aviation Education and Entertainment Center

Whether you're a complete novice or a solid enthusiast, step into the world of flight and experience the thrill of being a pilot.

Go-kart hall XL Riga

Close to downtown Riga is an extensive and well-equipped indoor track with high quality paving and an interesting trajectory 250 meters in length.

Multi-functional auto sport leisure and training complex 333

333 is a multi-functional auto sport leisure and training complex located just a short 20 minute drive from downtown Riga. The complex is open all throughout the year, where activities can be enjoyed also on a seasonal basis.


For golfers of all ages, Riga's courses provide unforgettable experiences! Get ready for a golfing experience like no other. Any golfer can enjoy playing on our courses, regardless of their skill level! Golf courses in Riga have everything you need to challenge you and improve your game, so test your accuracy with everything they have to offer.

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