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Riga is a green and scenic city, and the most pleasant way to observe and experience it is by going on a bike ride. No matter which direction you choose, our recommended and tested cycling routes will take you through the most dynamic points of Riga, into diverse and colorful neighborhoods, towards a gulp of fresh air.

Pārdaugava cycling route

When going by bike across river Daugava, the first thing to note is the iconic view of the Old Town Riga panorama. The first neighborhood you enter on the left banks of Daugava is Āgenskalns - one of the oldest and greenest areas in the city. Along the way, you will be surrounded by typical wooden architecture, charming courtyards, and blooming shrubs and trees - chestnuts, apple trees, lilacs, and even sakura in may. Next, make a stop at one of the most popular markets in Riga - at Kalnciems quarter and Āgenskalns market, whose majestic building has just been restored. Finally, there are several options where to continue the journey - one way is to go around the picturesque Māra pond and along Mārupīte river to the vicinity of Bieriņi. Or a longer distance - through the Botanical garden continue to Jūrmala city.

Mežaparks cycling route

The 7 km long cycling lane takes you from the hustle and bustle of the city centre to the greenest neighbourhood of Riga – Mežaparks. Cycle around the leisurely streets widening through the lush pine forest and end your trip with a refreshing swim at lake Ķīšezers. Apart from Riga’s Zoo and a couple of cafés and adventure park, there’s also a well-thought-out BMX track in the area.

Vecāķi cycling route

If your trip begins in Mežaparks, you can continue by going to Vecmīlgrāvis and visit a unique Art Nouveau architecture building - the cultural castle Ziemeļblāzma and the beautiful surrounding park. Further, the cycling route leads to Vecāķi, one of the most popular recreation places among urban dwellers. This area is recognized for its typical resort architecture, white sandy beaches, and several popular cafes. If at this point, you feel tired, you can quickly return to the center of Riga from the Vecāķi railway station. However, if you feel like it’s been a child’s play, continue further by exploring Mangaļsala and its nature trail Piejūra (read more - Riga’s hiking guide) and military heritage. After the intense ride, there is a reward – you have reached the Mangaļsala jetty, which is one of the most instagrammable places in Riga. 

Daugava cycling route

Starting the trip in Old Town Riga and going along the recently renovated and landscaped promenade along river Daugava, scenic views emerge on your right - historic arches of the Iron Bridge, Zaķusala island, and the TV tower. You will reach the landscaped Ķengarags promenade along this route, where we suggest stopping at the Daugava pier and visiting the local swan commune.  Continuing the road, you can check out the bird-watching tower and have a refreshing dip in the city's official swimming place in Rumbula or enjoy the view of the distant center of Riga by the ruins of Mazjumpravmuiža minor. Currently, the bicycle path is available until the private garden area. Still, if your batteries aren't even half empty, you crave adventure and successfully orient yourself in a little-known site – cycle away. Continue the route - ride through private garden area and you’ll reach Zirņu island along the pedestrian bridge. After crossing the bridge near the Riga HPP, you will reach the picturesque island of Dole. In that case, an option is to continue the road and pass through the private garden area; you'll reach Zirņu Island along the pedestrian bridge. After crossing the bridge near the Riga Hydroelectric power plant, you will get to the picturesque island of Dole. On the way back, crossing the bridge at the Riga HPP, turn right, and you will reach Salaspils along the promenade, from where you can return to Riga by train, taking into account that the bicycle will have to be placed in the high train.


The hippest bike shop in Riga. They stock everything from bikes, bike parts and accessories to streetwear. The bikes range from fixed gear to MTB, city bikes and so on. There’s also a reappear shop and a decent cup of coffee. 

Stabu iela 42


Despite e-scooters being ten a penny on the streets of Riga, sometimes you just want to pedal your own vehicle. NextBike is a public bike-sharing system that has many bike stations scattered across the city centre. Download the app and use it for a single ride or get a subscription.

The mobility point

An excellent destination for a quick cycling trip is Jaunā Teika district – it’s a haven for young professionals and features several cafés and bars. Plus, on your way to there, on the crossroads of G. Zemgala and Brivibas street is a mobility station that features everything a cyclist can wish for – a repair station, bike rental and a solar bench equipped with Wi-Fi where to charge your phone and check the following route. 


Situated in one of the charming wooden houses of Pārdaugava, Gandrs boasts the most extensive selection of rental tourist equipment in Latvia. The bikes for rent range from MTB to city bikes and all are top-quality and can be rented out for a couple of days.

Kalnciema 28


A home-grown bike manufacturer with an almost a century of experience of creating sleekly looking city gears for men and women. Swing by their showroom and workshop tucked in the backyard, in front of Ziedoņdārzs park, and take a test spin.

Čaka 90A

The Spot

When the weather outside is not cycling-friendly, BMX riders can head to extreme sports centre The Spot. It features a street park and ramp park that is suitable for the beginners as well as the pros. Want to master the BMX? Baltic BMX school holds regular practices here. The Spot also features trampolines to practise your jumps and a climbing wall.

Ūnijas 12

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