TOP Sights

Everyone visiting Riga for the first time should start by visiting the city’s main landmarks. It is best to start getting to know the city's more than 800-year history with a walk through the Old Town and continue in the so-called quiet center district of Riga, enjoying the magnificent Art Nouveau architecture. Culture and art lovers should definitely plan a visit to the Latvian National Museum of Art and the Latvian National Opera and Ballet. For those who enjoy the city through food, the list of places to visit should definitely include the Riga Central Market and Kalnciems Quarter Market. The more contemporary side of Riga is best enjoyed at the most important building constructed this century - the National Library of Latvia.


Architecture is the most accurate witness to the multifaceted face of Riga. Eclectic and amazing in its diversity, where every era and its current has left its mark. From Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism to mannered Art Nouveau, modernism and wooden architecture.

Parks and Gardens

At the beginning of the 20th century, Riga's parks were not called parks, but resorts - a place to relax and regain health. It must be said that this description is even more accurate in today's urban reality than then. In total, the city has almost twenty parks and gardens of different sizes - each with its own character and personality. In this section the most popular of them.

Main City Squares

The favorite squares of Old Riga reflect both the multifaceted face of Riga's history and its contemporary atmosphere.


Churches are not only dominant in the panorama of the city of Riga, but also embody the suggestive breath of history and diverse cultural heritage of the city.

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