Activities near the water

Forget the French Riviera or Barcelona! In Riga, you will find beaches where you can enjoy swimming and catch the sun's rays, as well as several entertainment options that will make your city vacation unforgettable!

Active recreation by the water

In Riga, there are several places where you can rent SUP boards, rowing boats or kayaks to properly experience fun on the water. Rental options are offered by Rīgas Laivas, Tours in Riga, Laivinieks, Advaita Adventures, Buru Sports. But if you are interested in a little more extreme activities, then try wakeboarding, windsurfing or even Flyboard

Boat trips

You will be able to experience Riga from a different point of view if you go on a trip with one of the historical boats on the Riga canal offered by Riga by Canal and River Cruises, or try an exciting adventure along the Daugava with River Cruises.

Riga swimming spots

It is more than clear that when visiting Riga, it is important not only to have fun, relax and enjoy the nightlife, but also to cool off during or after a steamy day. There are 8 official swimming spots available in Riga, where in several of them you will find not only changing rooms, picnic tables and active recreation areas, but also summer cafes where you can grab a snack and a drink!

Near the city center: 

"Lucavsala", "Lucavsalas līcis" un "Ķīpsala". Swimming spots "Lucavsala" and "Lucavsalas līcis" is provided with a lifeguard station, environmental accessibility to the swimming area, changing cabins and sunbathing opportunities for people with special needs, sanitary facilities, summer cafes, street vendors, benches, information signs, changing cabins, volleyball courts and a pétanque court, picnic areas with barbecue spots, children's playgrounds for all age groups, sports exercise area and interactive games.

Swimming place "Ķīpsala" is provided with a lifeguard post, information stands, sanitary units, benches, changing cabins, sports areas, a children's play complex.

Beaches by the Baltic Sea: 

VakarbuļļiDaugavgrīva un Vecāķi. In all 3 swimming areas, you will find a lifeguard post, information stands, free parking, sanitary facilities, a summer cafe, street vendors, benches, changing cabins, sports areas - volleyball, football, etc.

Swimming places near rivers and lakes:

"Rumbula". This swimming area is equipped with a lifeguard post, sanitary facilities, a summer cafe, street vendors, benches, information signs, and changing cabins. 

Bābelīša lake swimming spot. Here You will find a lifeguard station, information stands, sanitary units, benches, changing cabins, sports areas, picnic tables.

Ķīšezera swimming spot.

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