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Nightlife in Riga

Riga is known for its vibrant nightlife scene. The city offers a diverse range of options for those looking to experience the nightlife, including bars, nightclubs, and event venues. From the bustling Old Town to the trendy neighborhoods, there is something for everyone. Visitors can expect to find live music, DJ sets, and a variety of drinks, conversations and atmosphere that night brings.

Tallinn Street Quarter

Tallinn Street Quarter is a well-liked nightlife spot for young people in Riga. It is situated on Tallinn Street, as the name would imply, and is well-known for its vibrant atmosphere, wall murals, bars, food vendors, and various musical and artistic performances. The Tallinn Street block frequently hosts a variety of events, fairs, concerts, and festivals, offering an intriguing and varied entertainment selection.

Briāna quarter

Briāna quarter is known for its alternative and diverse nightlife offer. There are several interesting entertainment places here, including the Labietis brewerie, which offers delicious and unique craft beers. In addition, the quarter also houses the recently opened LGBTQ+ frendly club Skapis, which has gained a lot of popularity in a short time. An alternative rock music bar Nemiers will be excellent for those who like loud music and dancing on the bar counter. For those who love jazz music, club M/Darbnīca offers various live music events, an art gallery and a DJs playing music from vinyl records. Real rave enthusiasts must go to experience the atmosphere of the OneOne club. Briāna quarter is the ideal destination for those looking for alternative entertainment offers and who want to experience the diversity of Riga.

Avotu and Vagonu streets area

The neighborhoods of Avotu and Vagonu streets, which are located almost next to each other, have several exciting places to go for evening and night entertainment. On Avotu Street, there is Nurme bar and brewery Alus Rūme Trofeja, which offers visitors a variety of delicious craft beers. Here you will also find the popular Krokodils bar, where you can enjoy a selection of delicious cocktails. On the other hand, in the creative quarter of Vagonu Street, the Vagonu Hall, which is a popular venue for concerts and events, the Laska V21 bar, as well as the Nurme brewery as well, are waiting for you. Various alternative music concerts and festivals are regularly held here, including rock music and electronic music evenings. 

Old Town Riga

If you want to enjoy Riga's nightlife, Old Riga is the place to be! There are many fantastic bars and clubs within walking distance of each other, so you will have the opportunity to experience a diverse atmosphere during the evening. From the offer of Old Riga bars, go and experience what Armoury, Sidrērija, Thirsty Bulldog, Distillers Republic, Clayton McNamaras Drinking Emporium, 2 more beers, Piana Vyshnia, Miezis offer. If you want to do some dancing and have a good time, go to Cuba Cafe, Pandemonium, folk-club Ala Pagrabs and B Bar.

Riga City centre

The diverse bars make the center of Riga one of the capital's most popular nightlife destinations. Daiquiri, Bar SixCloud Nine, Manana, Skyline Bar, Gimlet, Herbary, Mākonis, Cynic Bar and Zefīrs bars are popular among visitors in this area, offering everyone a glamorous and adventurous night out. If you want to experience something a little more alternative, then in the center of Riga, your roads should lead you to the bars Aleponija, Laska. To experience a good atmosphere and live music, go to St. Black, Blues House or club Biedrība.

Neighborhood of Teika

If the course of the evening has brought you to the neighborhood of Teika, then you know that you will definitely not be bored here either! If you want to get acquainted with the modern club culture, don't forget to visit the recently opened Tower - the largest club in the Baltics with an impressive sound and light system, a large dance area and a bar with a variety of drinks. If you are a fan of alternative music and culture, you can visit the club Melnā Piektdiena, where concerts and parties with a unique atmosphere take place regularly. Craft beer lovers should not miss the Teika brewery bar, where the bartenders will recommend the most suitable beer for every fan of this drink.

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