Churches are not only dominant in the panorama of the city of Riga, but also embody the suggestive breath of history and diverse cultural heritage of the city.

St.John's Church in Riga

St.John's Church is the oldest house of worship in Riga. Originally the Dominican monastery's chapel was located here in the 13th century. After several reconstructions, around 1500 the edifice acquired its present appearance - high Gothic pediment, span roof and a small tower.

Riga Dome Cathedral

Riga Cathedral has won the heart of Old Riga since July 25, 1211. The church gained its current appearance at the end of the 19th century, but nowadays, a rich cultural life takes place there - concerts of local and foreign artists and various art exhibitions are held.

Old St. Gertrude's Church

The splendid Eclectic and Neo-gothic-style Old St. Gertrude's Church is one of those rare churches in Riga which is located outside Old Town. A long time ago, it was on the very border of the city, beyond this in bygone days were only small huts, meadows, forests and roads. Today, Old St. Gertrude's Church belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and concerts are also held here.

Riga St Jacob's Cathedral

Riga St Jacob's Cathedral is the smallest one among the four Old Town churches; however, its belfry has best maintained the features characteristic to Medieval Riga churches. Over many centuries, the building changed landlords and has undergone various transformations and since 1923 the Cathedral again belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.

St. Peter's Church

Riga St. Peter's Church - the dominant and highest peak of the city, is one of the oldest and most valuable buildings of medieval monumental architecture in the Baltic States. St. Peter's Church is the highest in Riga and a notable 13th-century Gothic architectural monument of national significance.

Riga Luther Church

Riga Luther Church (also Torņkalna Church) was consecrated on 24 February 1891. The first church in Latvia named after Martin Luther.

Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church

The church of the holy and right-believing Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky in Riga is a unique wooden architecture structure of the first quarter of the XIX century, as well as one of the most honoured and cherished orthodox churches in Riga - a symbol of inter-religious, universally human and trans-national unity, visited by one and all.

Riga's Nativity of Christ Cathedral

Riga's Nativity of Christ Cathedral is the biggest Orthodox church in the city. Having served as a planetarium and a restaurant during the Soviet Era, the building has been completely restored as a church and holds regular Orthodox services.

Riga Grebenschikov Old Believers' Prayer Chapel

Byzantine-style Riga Grebenschikov Old Believers' Prayer Chapel features a modest exterior and an Art-Nouveau-style tower with the only golden dome in Riga. Besides, the building is the world's biggest Old Believers' church, housing a congregation of 25,000 people.

Our Lady of Sorrows Church

The white and blue Our Lady of Sorrows Church was the first stone church built in Riga after the Reformation had reached Livonia (a historic region once encompassing present-day Latvia and Estonia). The idea of constructing the church was especially supported by Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II. The Classicism-style building was dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows symbolising the oppressed Catholic Religion in Terra Mariana.

Riga Synagogue

The synagogue on Peitavas Street is one of Riga's Art Nouveau jewels and a significant cultural monument. Peitav shul is the only active synagogue in Riga.

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