European best destinations 2024 - Riga

Riga Film Fund co-financing


Qualifying Applications

Foreign-National co-productions:

  • with a total budget of at least EUR 700, 000
  • when half of their funding has been confirmed
  • shooting to be finished and the report delivered by November 30, 2024

Formats: Feature films and TV Films – fiction or documentary

Cash rebate % of the total Eligible expenses spent:
25% Film with the storyline set in Riga or with a noteworthy portrayal of Riga in the story (at least 20% screen time), and at least partly shot on the territory of Riga
20% Film shooting on the territory of Latvia

Eligible expenses: film-related transport, location and technical equipment rentals, catering, accommodation, public facilities, construction facilities, artistic and administrative services, etc.

Documents for application



Competition Regulations
Administrative criteria
Qualitative criteria

What Filmmakers Say

We were looking for empty prisons, and there are very few in Europe. And then we got the Brasa prison in Riga, which is a gift for a filmmaker. We shot four different prisons in one prison there. We actually chose Latvia because it was the only place in Europe you could shoot these scenes.

Regner Grasten
Producer, The Bereaved, 2021

I would like to thank the talented and professional film crew that worked with me in Latvia. Their experience made it possible to shoot the film in a very short period of time. We understood each other perfectly.

Sergei Loznitsa
Director, Ukraine
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