Business Environment

Some of the main Investment environment advantages are cost-effectiveness, highly-skilled and multilingual workforce, well-developed infrastructure, macroeconomic stability. But there are many more.

Riga is the most dynamically developing city
Riga is the most dynamically developing city

(CEE Business Services Awards 2021)

The 3rd largest city in Northern Europe

Lowest costs of operations in the Baltics

Superior connectivity in the Baltics with 100+ direct flights from Riga

Bridge between large markets – Europe and Asia

Access to the largest talent pool in Baltics (1.1m in the region) - multilingual, educated workforce with strong work ethics

Lowest rental cost for office space in Baltics

Largest share of women in management in EU (56%)

Lowest average salaries in Baltics


Baltics in innovations Bloomberg Innovation Index 2021 1
Ease of Doing Business 19
Kearney global services location index 20
Global Competitiveness Index 41
Paying Taxes Ranking 16
Economic Freedom of the World 22
Economic Profile of Riga - 2022.

For Investors

Open and attractive environment for business with equal treatment for local and foreign investors

If you need an assistance

We are your first point of contact if you're interested in Riga as a place for investment, business development, or film production. We will assist and help with the right people and organizations without added cost. Get in touch and let's make things happen.

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