European best destinations 2024 - Riga

Accelerator and Incubator Support Program

The evaluation of submitted applications in the Riga startup accelerator and incubator support program announced by the Riga Investment and Tourism Agency has ended.

The program's purpose is to promote the growth of the startup ecosystem in Riga through co-financing and supporting the activities of organizations whose daily work is related to startup development. Thus, it will promote the emergence of new startups and the recognition of Riga as a startup-friendly city.

The following participants received support in the 2024 competition:


Points received

Allocated funding (euro)
SIA "Unilab" 120 40 000
Biedrība Riga TechGirls 110 40 000
"Biocatalyst Nodibinājums" 110 40 000
SIA "Helve" 100 4 500
  TOTAL 124 500







Thanks to all participants for their interest! All applicants will be sent an official answer and an extract from the protocol showing the number of points each participant received according to the competition criteria.

The regulations of the 2024 competition (in Latvian) are available HERE.


Mārtiņš Pakalniņš, tālr. +371 27897357, e-pasts:


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