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Support program for diaspora relocation

Riga invites applications for "Support program for diaspora relocation"

The Riga Investment and Tourism Agency (RITA) announces the business support program - the Support program for diaspora relocation. The program is intended for professionals planning to return to Latvia within the last six months (180 days). The program offers a one-off support payment of EUR 1,845. To receive the support, the returnee's first declaration of residence must be in Riga, and their gross salary must have been at least 2,500 EUR per month for the past four months.

RITA director Fredis Bikovs points out:

"Attracting highly qualified professionals to Riga is an important task. To address the challenge of attracting talent, we have created a support program to help in the final decision to return to Riga, even if this support is not the main reason for relocation. We hope that this program will result in future professionals from different sectors successfully implementing their global experience and knowledge in Riga."

Conditions to receive support:

  • The person has to be returned to Latvia from absence abroad (at least one year) and has received resident status no sooner than 180 days before applying;
  • After returning to Latvia, the declared place of residence until the day of applying (continuously) must be in the administrative territory of the municipality of the Riga;
  • For at least the last four months, the person must be working in a company which is registered in Latvia until the day of applying;
  • Persons gross salary for the last four months must be at least 2,500 euros per month (this must be confirmed by statement from the State Social Insurance Agency).



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