Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

ICT is one of the fastest-growing industries in Latvia, and Riga is leading the way as the largest ICT hub in the Baltics with robust digital public services (5th in the EU), 94% of overall fixed broadband coverage and innovative plans of using 5G network. ICT sector contributes 4.3% of total GDP.

~ 6,996 companies active in the ICT sector (2019): 

  • 114 - ICT equipment
  • 501 - the telecommunications industry
  • > 5,000 – other ICT services
  • 527 - ICT equipment sales


The number of employees in the ICT sector >  37,000.

The foreign trade surplus of ICT services EUR 466 million. 

The main trade partners of ICT services are Sweden, USA, and Ireland.

Key Benefits

  • Riga is the largest ICT hub in the Baltics
  • 1st in ICT exports in Baltics 
  • 3rd in the world in mobile data usage 
  • 94% of overall fixed broadband coverage 
  • 16th fastest internet speed in the world
  • 10% of the average annual growth rate of ICT industry value-added 
  • 5th in the EU in digital public services
  • 1st in innovations in the Baltics 
  • The most startup-friendly country in the world
  • First 5G military test site in Europe
  • 1st in Europe in terms of ICT students per 1 M population

Main subsectors

IT support, Telecom, Software development, Cloud solutions, AI, Automation & Robotics.

Key Players

  • SAF
  • TietoEvry
  • TET
  • LMT
  • Mikrotik
  • Lightspace



Latvian companies in the industry:

Latvian Information Technology and Communications Association:

Latvian Open Technology Association 

Latvian Internet Association:

Association of Computer Technologies of Latvia:

Latvian IT Cluster:

Latvian Electrical Engineering And Alectronics Association (LETERA)

Microsoft innovation centre

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