Recently ranked by Index Ventures as the most “startup-friendly” country in Europe!

  • Startup Law as a national level support for startups
  • A startup visa is offered to all non-EU startup founders willing to kick off their startup ideas in Latvia, a proud member of the EU since 2004. Up to 5 founders with a startup visa, and noted to be family-friendly!
  • Favourable stock options regulation.
    The granting of stock options is a bonus payment system that allows companies to attract important employees for several years
  • 13 incubators throughout the whole of Latvia support the necessary environment for the setup and development of business by offering training, mentor support and grants and organizing events on general business issues.
  • Friendly startup ecosystem with common formal and informal networking and educational events, and daily dialogue with the municipality.

Success stories

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Startup Latvia

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Startup scene in Riga 2023

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