European best destinations 2024 - Riga

Getting around the city

If you are not a walking enthusiast or simply wish to experience Riga with one of the other modes of transportation, this section will provide answers to all your questions - from public transport to electric scooters.

Public transportation

Riga has three methods of public transportation – tram, trolleybus and bus.

Micromobility transportation

Affordable, safe and sustainable way to get around the city! Learn more about micro mobility options in Riga and choose what suits you best!

Electric trains

A number of locations in Riga may also be reached by electric train, which is also the preferred method of transportation to Jurmala, a resort town where visitors can take advantage of the Baltic Sea's close proximity.


When using taxi services in Riga, please pay close attention to the tariffs indicated on the back doors of the taxi. Please also take into account that there are no maximum tariffs per kilometer for taxi services in Riga, as well as for boarding fees and time spent, thus we recommend before entering a taxi to make sure whether or not you are prepared to pay the sum requested by the driver.


In Riga you can observe a diverse community of cyclists: from the sporty, who throw themselves almost brazenly into the road traffic, to the normal, who get around on the bike paths, to the enjoyable, who like to take relaxing rides on the Daugava River promenades.

Car rent

In Riga, there are a variety of car rental companies and car sharing services that you may choose from to travel more conveniently through the city streets and to your next destination.

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