Spring guide in Riga

The days are getting longer and with them the mood is brightening. Sidewalks are gradually filling not only with people, but also with terraces of cafes, restaurants and bars. Every warm and sunny day is like a holiday because who knows what tomorrow will bring. Spring time in Riga is full of surprises.

New hotspots in Riga

Once spring arrives, it's definitely no longer polite to sit at home, but go out into the streets and see what new things can be discovered in Riga!

Those who love bakeries and pastries will be happy that the Bazaar bakery, which has already won hearts with its croissants, has recently opened its doors in Riga, as well as the KŪRE bakery, which will delight everyone who is excited about the different types of Pastel de Natas cakes.

Gourmets will be surprised by the small but cozy Riis restaurant, which specializes in wontons. Those for whom breakfast is the most important and favorite meal of the day should go to Old Riga, where Lust Breakfast has opened, on the other hand, in the Tallinn quarter, shrimp fans will be delighted with the RED restaurant, especially because here you can enjoy all-you-can-eat shrimp!

If you feel like having a drink, delicious cocoa and coffee drinks are available at One Cacao & coffee shot, but you should go to At your Moms bar to experience new bar vibes.

Attend hockey games!

Before the 2024 World Championship in Prague and Ostrava, the Latvian men's national ice hockey team will play four test matches in Arena Riga. On April 10 and 11, Latvia will compete against the Finnish national team, and on May 3 and 4 against the Norwegian hockey team.

Rimi Riga Marathon

From May 18 to 19, the "Rimi Riga Marathon" will take place in Riga. In this sporting adventure, everyone will be able to choose the route that suits them best - a distance of 42 km, a half marathon or 21 km, 10 km or 5 km, as well as a DPD mile or 1609 m. The routes will lead through the historical streets of the Old town, along the architectural pearls and over the bridges, combining the pleasant with the useful - sports and getting to know the city!

Night at the museum

There is at least one night a year when you can stay awake and wander the bustling city streets. Museum Night marks the beginning of summer every year and does so in a very original and educational way, allowing visitors to enjoy the permanent as well as specially prepared exhibitions in the evening and at night. The annual Museum Night will take place this year on May 18th. 

Enjoy a refreshing walk

Enough of sitting at home, it's time to draw strength from the nature for a new act of life! Take a refreshing walk through the small streets of Ķīpsala, listen to one of the unique audio excursions that lead through Viesturdārzs or Čiekurkalns. If you feel hungry, prepare a picnic basket and enjoy a lazy lunch in one of Riga's parks or go for an unusual walk through the unique Riga cemeteries!

Immerse yourself in Cherry blossoms

There is no more romantic time of the year than spring, when you can take your significant other by the hand and take them for a slow walk through the clusters of Sakura flowers. We can guarantee that it will definitely be one of the most memorable dates to experience this time of year. Take into account that the gorgeous Japanese cherries in Riga start to bloom at the end of April.

Captures the dose of vitamins at the market

Best way to break free from the winter hibernation is by taking an extra dose of spring greens. In Riga Central Market, Āgenskalns market, as well as in the Kalnciema quarter market you will find aromatic herbs, vitamin bouquets from vegetables, fruits, berries, and, of course, let's not forget the refreshing birch juice! If you lack freshness in your life, then you know that you can find it in the markets of Riga!

Walk around the Zoo

The Galapagos Tortoise, the African Lions, the Arctic Foxes – these are just some of the animals you can meet at the Riga Zoo. Operating for more than a century, the Zoo inhabits more than 400 wild animal species. Aquarium, terrarium, tropical house - the Zoo is an educational and fascinating place to while away the hours. 

Go on an excursion

If you are looking to go on a small one-day trip, then it is worth looking in the direction of the Ķemeri bog trails, which can quite surprising - go for a shorter or longer walk around the bog, take part in activities with SUP boards or walk on the bog with special shoes! Sigulda with its cafes, gastro market, Livonian Order castle and breathtaking views will always be a great destination. If your heart desires to go a little further from Riga, then the garden of Rundāle Castle will be a wonderful place to catch your breath and clear your head before summer!

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