Churches are not only dominant in the panorama of the city of Riga, but also embody the suggestive breath of history and diverse cultural heritage of the city.

Riga Dome Cathedral

The Cathedral is the largest and one of the oldest sacred buildings of the medieval period in the Baltic region, combining Romanesque, early Gothic, Baroque and Art Nouveau features. Today, alongside church services the cathedral hosts concerts by local and internationally renowned musicians.

St. Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church is the highest church in Riga and one of the oldest and most notable sacred buildings of medieval monumental architecture in the Baltic States.

Riga St Jacob's Cathedral

The Riga Archdiocesan Cathedral is the main Catholic church in Latvia. Its slender tower has preserved better than any other the pyramidal shape characteristic of Riga's medieval church towers. Historically, it is also the first Latvian parish church in Riga (1523).

St. John's Church in Riga

St. John's Church was first mentioned in written sources in 1297. After several reconstructions, around 1500 the church acquired its present appearance – a high Gothic stepped gable, a span roof and a small tower.

Our Lady of Sorrows Church

The white-and-blue Our Lady of Sorrows Church was the first newly built stone Catholic church in Riga (1785) after the Reformation had reached Livonia, a historic region once encompassing present-day Latvia and Estonia.

Old St. Gertrude's Church

This magnificent Eclectic and Neo-Gothic church is one of the few historic churches outside the Old Town. In the Middle Ages, the name of St. Gertrude (626-659), the patron saint of travellers, was given to churches located outside the city walls.

Riga Luther Church

The church was consecrated in 1891. It was the first church in Latvia named after Martin Luther. Riga Luther Parish is the largest Lutheran congregation in Latvia.

Riga's Nativity of Christ Cathedral

The cathedral is the largest Orthodox church in Riga. After surviving the Soviet era as a planetarium, it has been restored and has once again become a sacred building where Orthodox services are held regularly.

Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church in Riga

The church of the holy Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky in Riga is a unique monument of wooden Orthodox church architecture of the first quarter of the XIX century and is one of the most beloved and cherished orthodox churches in Riga.

Riga Grebenshchikov Old Believers' House of Prayer

Today, the Grebenshchikov Old Believers' Parish is the largest Old Believers' Parish in the world, with about 25 000 members. Services are held here in accordance with ancient traditions.

Riga Synagogue

The synagogue on Peitavas Street is one of Riga's Art Nouveau jewels and a significant cultural monument. Peitav Shul is the only active synagogue in Riga.

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