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It's time for a cocktail!

Going to a cocktail bar in Riga is a wonderful idea no matter what your plans are for the week, whether it's meeting up with old friends, unwinding after work, having leisurely talks, or taking advantage of the city's nightlife. One of the most popular spots in Riga are these cocktail bars, each with their own unique personality, original cocktails, and concept. Pick your next bar, because Riga happy hour has begun!

The Botanist

The concept of The Botanist is based on health and sustainability. To ensure fresh and diverse offers for visitors, The Botanist have created an indoor garden where they grow microgreens. These microgreens are integrated into the preparation of the restaurant's dishes and drinks, creating excellent flavors and a visual delight. The Botanist uses local ingredients, following a sustainable approach. Here you can find specalty cocktails, as well as popular Spritz cocktails and easy mixers. You can not only enjoy food and drinks here, but also spectacular Jazz evenings.

Brīvības iela 37-1

This Place Doesn't Need a Name

If you're a die-hard Negroni cocktail fan, This Place Doesn't Need a Name is the place to be! A very wide cocktail menu and the visitors have fallen in love with this place, because it also serves breakfast throughout the day. Go enjoy a good atmosphere at one of the This Place Doesn't Need a Name locations: Antonijas iela 10; Avotu iela 4; Šķūņu iela 10.

Antonijas iela 10

nosaints | hidden bar

Hidden bar with artisan cocktails, taproom and music in front of the Italian Embassy in the heart of Old Riga. Speakeasy inspired cocktail bar with carefully selected premium beverages, variety of fruit and spice infusions to attract the most demanding guests.

nosaints bar design is exquisite in every detail, it is synergy of materials, forms and reflections. Mirrors and reflections are the key detail of interior, creating connection with every scene of the bar. Cozy and chamber atmosphere created by the warm ambient lighting provides intimacy and tranquility throughout the visit giving maximum pleasure from every sip.

At nosaints bar not only cocktails will immerse you in unforgettable experience, the synergy is complemented by ongoing exhibitioned art characters, who with the greatest pleasure will accompany your stay at our place. All the art is created by our local artists.

Teātra iela 12


Zefirs has been very popular for some time as a party place for local residents and visitors to Riga. As they describe themselves, this is the place where pizza and carefree life meets. Here you can enjoy not only delicious cocktails and excellent pizzas, but also unforgettable evenings with a DJ performances.

Sporta iela 2


Gastrobar Herbārijs is an ecosystem of hospitality, taste and plants, which is located in a great place - on the terrace of the shopping center Galleria Riga, with a beautiful view over the roofs of the center of Riga, where you can enjoy all seasons and pastel skies. Herbārijs cocktails use a variety of herbs, fruits, berries, plant, peppers and tea. The menu is local, Latvian and seasonal.

Dzirnavu iela 67
+371 27343393

Gimlet Nordic Cocktail bar

A cozy bar in the heart of the city with a pleasantly warm interior and friendly bartenders. The Gimlet Bar uses only natural ingredients such as wild herbs, berries, and fruits to create sophisticated drinks that celebrate northern and Latvian characteristics. Beets, pines, wild cherries, carrots, chokeberries, and fermented radishes - it's hard to believe that such components may create an unforgettable flavor in the realm of cocktails.

Baznīcas iela 37
+371 28379422

RŪM Cocktail Bar

A place where senses and tastes merge into one. Here you can enjoy the widest range of rum in Latvia, more than 80 different types, and we also specialize in smoked dishes and cocktails. Every Wednesday you can enjoy wine nights at special prices, while every Friday there are different themed cocktail nights with specially designed drinks.

Aristida Briāna iela 9A

Two More Beers

With more than 100 beers, Two More Beers is an important destination for beer lovers in Riga. The bar offers not only draft and bottled beers, but also iconic beer cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else in the capital. The rich and refined menu complements the bar's offer with great combinations of flavors to enjoy with a bitter but this very enjoyable drink.

Kalēju iela 9/11
+371 28622422

Barents cocktail and seafood bar

Subtle elegance and a steady glance out to sea give Barents Cocktail & Seafood Bar its old-world European charm. From well-crafted classics to signature cocktails with a uniquely Nordic twist – we invite you to enjoy a pre-theatre or post-dinner cocktail, or just come to celebrate in style.

Smilšu iela 3
+371 2002 1022

B Bar Restaurant

The B Bar Restaurant is a safe haven where one can submit to the balmy velvety atmosphere, enjoy a stolen moment and sip possibly the best cocktails in Riga. The B Bar Restaurant attracts attention with its original interior, a fusion of contemporary and early 20th century styles, as well as a great selection of cocktails and food.

Doma laukums 2


There is no need to worry - despite the name of the bar, you will not encounter vanity from the staff here. You will enjoy the best aspects of snobbery in the restaurant's menu and, of course, in the bar's drink menu - they are full of refined taste and manners. 

Raiņa bulvāris 5/6
+371 60008606

Skyline Bar

The one and only Skyline Bar, located on the 26th floor of Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel, is the perfect place to get your senses elevated.

Sit back, relax and let us take you all the way to the top of Riga where you can absorb breathtaking views of the city, sip on specially crafted signature cocktails and surprise your taste buds with unique and sophisticated flavours from the bar's menu. This is just a fraction of the sensual journey you are about to experience once you get up here.



Elizabetes iela 55
+371 67772288


A classical value with a strong touch of modernism. The aristocratically impressive interior complements the expressive cocktail menu, giving it extra nuances that set the XIII Bar apart from others. If you want to taste unprecedented whiskeys, then this will be the place to turn up.

Strēlnieku iela 1a
+371 26761313


In the very heart of Old Riga, surrounded by the walls of St. Peter's Church with cocktails that tell legends and dishes that will take you to a world of exquisite taste. A cocktail bar with a unique and original interior on two floors, as well as on the street and terrace.

Pēterbaznīcas iela 17
+371 27074070


At the CLOUD N / NE Premium Cocktail Bar, guests may relax, enjoy great premium cocktails, good alcohol brands, and fine meals in a world-class setting. Thanks to its unique concept and excellent alcohol list, the CLOUD N / NE bar has received numerous awards and recognitions. The bar's design, high-quality sound equipment, and excellent service are all carefully considered for the satisfaction of guests. It's worth noting that booking a table ahead of time is recommended.

*Entrance from the age of 21.

Strēlnieku iela 1B
+371 22999919

Cynic Bar

A cynic is a person who defies accepted moral and decency norms. Cynic Bar is a place with no boundaries and a creative staff that represents true bar hooliganism, without fear of breaching the rules. All that, of course, in accordance with bartender and bartending ethics. Bartenders serve exceptional cocktails with witty names and designs. This bar has lavished wall murals and a casual and open environment.

Baznīcas iela 1/3
+371 26970740

Bar Six

The first speakeasy bar in the capital and has a unique past - it has historically been the first video game store in Riga. Bar Six is characterized by simple, balanced cocktails with character and unprecedented flavors. Tucked away in the courtyard, the dark interior and solid walls give the bar an original flavor.

Ģertrūdes iela 14
+371 25903319

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