Burger joints

Burger joints in Riga serve up a mouthwatering array of burgers that cater to every palate, from classic cheeseburgers to gourmet creations featuring local ingredients. With their casual and inviting atmospheres, these establishments offer a satisfying culinary experience for burger lovers and casual diners alike in Latvia's capital city.

Oak'A Burgers

The brand "Oak'A Burgers" was born during the most stressful period of the pandemic. The specialty of Oak'A burgers is Smash burgers and they are made according to traditional American recipes, immediately proving themselves as a meal that everyone likes.

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Boar BBQ

Boar BBQ stands out as one of the Riga's premier destinations for barbecue and burgers, celebrated for its mouthwatering dishes and exceptional flavor. With a reputation for sizzling grills and a welcoming atmosphere, it's a must-visit spot for those seeking a delectable taste of smoky, grilled goodness in town.

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Late Night Munchies

Late Night Munchies in Riga is a beloved burger joint that satisfies cravings with its mouthwatering burgers and friendly atmosphere. Whether you're a late diner or a daytime muncher, it's the perfect spot to indulge in a delicious burger experience in Old Town!

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Meat Chef

At Meat Chef meat bar you can relax from everyday routine, come to dinner with your family or just to talk with long time no see friend with a glass of beer or wine... and, of course, a burger!

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KINGU - Kebabs & Chicken story

You can discover and learn about king-worthy chickens at KINGU Kebabs & Chicken Story restaurant. In the streets of Riga, KINGU tells the tale of new flavors and cuisine. By drawing inspiration from American cuisine, KINGU managed to develop a concept that mixes kebab and fried chicken dishes.

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boo / the burger

Burgers are all about meat. That freshly ground, unfrozen Boo’s special blend made of wet-aged latvian beef. Boo smashes the burger against the grill to get a brown crust and meaty taste. Then burgers are topped with true american cheese, a potato bun, veggies and secret sauce. Enjoy it with Boo’s special beers, kombuchas, softs or add a glass of champagne. Oh, and don't forget the french fries! 

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