European best destinations 2024 - Riga

Art lovers in Riga must plan a visit to at least two museums - the Latvian National Museum of Art and the Riga Bourse Art Museum. The buildings of both museums are architectural masterpieces. The Latvian National Museum of Art has recently undergone an impressive renovation and exhibits the most important works of Latvian artists and regularly hosts contemporary art exhibitions. The Riga Motor Museum, although further from the center, is also definitely worth the time spent to get there. You will be amazed by the large collection of antique vehicles and the museum's interactive solutions. The best way to get acquainted with the history of the region is at the Latvian National Museum of History, the Riga History and Navigation Museum, or on a beautiful day you can visit the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum on the outskirts of Riga.

Riga Art Nouveau Centre

Rīga is one of the few European cities where Art Nouveau architecture, art and design objects have survived in great numbers. It is even called "the metropolis of Art Nouveau". There are 800 Art Nouveau buildings in Rīga, mostly located in the city's centre - particularly on Alberta Street. Riga Art Nouveau Centre can also be found on this street, in the former apartment of the renowned Latvian architect Konstantīns Pēkšēns, who lived and worked here till 1907 and designed this beautiful building.

Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

The Museum reveals Latvia's history from 1940 until 1991, when occupations by both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were experienced.

Latvian National Museum of Art

The Latvian National Museum of Art is one of the most frequently visited sights in Riga. It is the most significant depository in the nation for works of art. Reopened in May 2016, the building itself has been upgraded, modernized but its majestic beauty from a long-gone era - preserved.

Riga Motor Museum

The Riga Motor Museum hosts the largest and the most modern antique vehicle collection in the Baltics. The museum exhibition is organized in a form of an exciting interactive story about unique vehicles, notable persons and the most significant events in the history of the automotive industry, complemented by modern multimedia technologies.

Fashion Museum

The Fashion Museum is the only museum dedicated to fashion and the fashion history in the Baltic States.

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation

This is the oldest public museum in Latvia and one of the oldest in Europe, the origin of which dates back to 1773. The Museum's 16 exposition halls tell of the creation and development of Riga over more than 800 years, as well as shipping in the territory of Latvia from the 10th century until today.

The RSU Anatomy Museum

Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) Anatomy Museum is an unusual museum - a historical collection with a contemporary approach. It is the place to come in order to learn about the diversity of human bodies. It is a place where you can see what usually only surgeons or anatomists see. The collection was created in the first half of the 20th century, but has been available to the public since 2020.

Art Museum Riga Bourse

The Art Museum Riga Bourse stores the largest collection of foreign art in Baltic States. The collection was started by Riga’s council members, mayors and traders in 19 century. Now museum offers international exhibitions and vide spectrum of culture and arts events.

The Corner House

The Corner House, a project by the Occupation Museum, provides the opportunity for the wider public to gain insight into the former KGB, or ‘Cheka’, headquarters in Riga by preparing an exhibition on the institution’s operation in Latvia and a tour of the building.

Latvian National Museum of Natural History

Come and see nature in the very heart of the city! The Latvian National Museum of Natural History is a genuine oasis of nature in the middle of civilisation - in the centre of Riga.

Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum

The Latvian Ethnographic Open-air Museum is one of the oldest open-air museums in Europe. Now its territory covers 87.66 hectares of forest on the banks of Lake Jugla. The museum displays 118 historic buildings from all Latvian regions - Kurzeme, Vidzeme, Zemgale and Latgale dating from the 17th century to the beginning of 1930s.

Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum

A visit to the Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine is a journey into the history of medicine and the museum - the museum's expositions, descriptions of objects and the interior of the building reflect its various stages and allow the visitor learn about the history of medicine until the middle of the 20th century.

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