Bakeries in Riga

There is sure to be something on this list of cake shops and bakeries in Riga that will fulfill your sweet taste, whether you're craving a chocolatey treat or something fruity and fresh. Get a delicious dessert from one of Riga's bakeries to cheer yourself up.


Lots of little cakes or one big one? Both are available here! But that's not all - you must try FIKA's classic brownie, with vanilla or mango. But maybe all 3 of them? The rhubarb flatbread and unique cinnamon buns are also worth noting and tasting.

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You should start the day with a hearty breakfast and Mulberry is the place to enjoy it. Freshly baked bread, delicious pastries and croissants every morning, and of course, fabulous breakfast dishes and steaming hot coffee. All you have to do is choose! Mulberry is also located at 5 Jerusalem Street!

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Pippa Waffles

Have you tried the best waffles in Riga? Don't say we didn't warn you! We are super proud of the fact that we can treat you with authentic Belgian waffles - Liège and Brussels! Everything is handmade from scratch! Combining the best local ingredients with a few secret onescoming straight from Belgium, we can say for sure - this is the authentic way! Fresh and hot waffles straight out of the waffle iron! Crisp and caramelised on the outside, soft and crunchy on the inside... obviously, you can't get enough!

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MĪKLA bakery

If you go to MÍKLA bakery, then you are in a fabulous kingdom of puff pastry and sourdough bread! The heavenly aroma that fills the bakery will make you linger longer and taste not only the cardamom and cinnamon buns, but also the croissant, a bread with crunchy herbs and a stretchy cheese or apple mousse. MĪKLA bakery's second location is in Old Riga, Hotel "Kempinski" Valņu street 20!

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Lūša Miltu Darbnīca

In the Lūša miltu darbnīca, you can buy Latvian classics - various buns, flatbreads and pizzas that are popular with visitors, as well as enjoy a wide range of cakes, cookies and, of course, let's not forget about hot and cold drinks!

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In the pastry shop "Bezē" you will be able to taste various sweets related to and around meringue, but that's definitely not all - in the cozy premises you can also buy freshly baked pastries, savory buns, pies and more!

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Recently undergoing a fresh renovation, Kūkotava welcomes gourmets in new and chic premises. The cafe writes about itself: "Celebration every day" and it's really hard to disagree, especially when you've tasted one of the mouth-watering cakes of the pastry shop. Incomparable flavor nuances and a pleasant atmosphere are the things that characterize Kūkotava.

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Crumble cake

As the name suggests, Crumble cake is the place to go to enjoy crumble cakes! Your taste buds must definitely enjoy the pear-caramel crumble cake, which has become a favorite among visitors today. Seasonal cakes specially adapted to both the weather and the sensations seen and felt outside the window are also greatly appreciated by Crumble Cake.

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Parunāsim. Kafe'teeka.

Hidden between the old town's walls is probably the most charming cafe in all of Old Riga. Here, you may escape the heat in the summer time and stay warm in the welcoming cafe surroundings in the winter.

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