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In Riga, you’re never really far away from a decent cup of coffee!

In Riga, you’re never really far away from a decent cup of coffee


Kalve Espresso Room

Rightly considered one of Riga’s prime coffee spots, it’s a place of the local roasters Kalve coffee. Due to its compact size, it’s not the kind of place you’d stay for hours, but if you need one thing, that is, an outstanding cup coffee, this is the place to find it. There’s also a small selection of sandwiches and pastries to accompany your cup.

Stabu iela 38

Ezīša Coffeeshop

One of the most recent coffee places in Riga, which, despite this, has received good reviews from coffee lovers. Spacious, bright and undeniably cozy rooms in the very center of Riga. You will be warmly welcomed in the premises and you will be able to buy almost any coffee drink you can imagine, because there is a wide menu of coffee and other drinks available here, as well as, of course, delicious cakes and pastries. In Ezīša Coffeeshop, you can probably spend the whole day - in the first part of it working on the portable computer you brought with you and a delicious cup of coffee, in the second - chatting with friends over an coffee cocktail!

Krišjāņa Barona iela 3

Rocket Bean

Native coffee roasters have two outposts in the city. The café-cum-roastery on Miera street is refreshingly spacious, with plenty of hardwood tables to settle down. The smaller café on Dzirnavu street, also dressed in wood and warm lighting is equally cosy. Both places also makes sandwiches, breakfast and lunch, but coffee, of course, takes centre stage. 

Miera iela 29/31, Rīga

Zvaigzne CAFE

A cafe that entered the top 50 best European cafes of the travel and lifestyle portal Big7Travel. Coffee, cakes and books - are there any cozier words?!

Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 6

One Cacao & coffee shop

A boutique cacao emporium exclusively dedicated to vegan and plant-based delights, crafting bespoke beverages infused with oat milk, date syrup, and an array of tantalizing spices. Indulge in artisanal desserts and occasional vegan sandwiches amidst a setting that celebrates the richness of plant-based living.

Skolas street 21


Beloved place of students and freelancers alike, Miit is always humming with energy. They offer speciality coffee from different European roasters, including Five Elephants and Gardelli, and a number of home-grown roasters. Swing by around midday for a veggie-packed lunch. 

Lāčplēša iela 10

Parunāsim. Kafe'teeka.

Hidden between the old town's walls is probably the most charming cafe in all of Old Riga. Here, you may escape the heat in the summer time and stay warm in the welcoming cafe surroundings in the winter.

Mazā Pils iela 4

KURTS coffee

Kurt is a child with special needs. His family has created a wonderful coffee house to help provide Kurt's daily necessities: rehabilitation, nanny, joy, happiness and health. The fact that the coffee and other drinks are delicious here is undoubtedly a good addition to the story. Try coffee with orange juice if you want to experience something truly new!

Tērbatas iela 2i


MonteKristo has been open since 1995 and continues to have a special place in the hearts of many Riga locals. You can enjoy a warm, fireplace-equipped cellar in the winter and an outdoor cafe in the summer.

Ģertrūdes iela 27


Real Parisian magic right here in the Quiet center of Riga. A delicious cup of coffee here will perfectly complement a peacful breakfast or a nice sandwich to treat yourself to while walking through the streets of Riga.

Ausekļa iela 14

Mīkla bakery

This Scandi-cool bakery is equally suitable for leisurely breakfast as well as grabbing a quick “starter pack” for the day. Omelettes, porridges, take-away sourdough sandwiches and smoothies, and, of course, mouth-watering pastries and cakes. Nonetheless, Mīkla also is a place to get your daily coffee fix made of Kalve coffee beans.

Dzirnavu iela 42

Better bread

This small yet incredibly stylish bread institution takes coffee seriously. Here you can get caffeinated drinks prepared with the cutting-edge La Marzocco GS3 espresso machine using the coffee of Göteborg’s roasters Da Matteo. All of Better Bread’s delicacies are gluten-free.

Dzirnavu iela 31

All Cappucino

With three outposts across the city centre, the main selling point of All Cappucino is its snug atmosphere. Dim-lit, little cafes are perfect hideout that also serves top-quality coffee- their own special blend roasted in collaboration with Kalve.

Antonijas iela 11


An old favourite among the local bean heads, it’s the place to get an exquisitely prepared cup of Illy coffee. Expectattentive service and satisfying homespun meals – pizzas, heaping breakfast plates, lunch deals, croissants, cakes and more.

Blaumaņa iela 34

Strada coffee & tea

The café offers a much welcome alternative to the gamut of tourist-minded places in the Old Town. Here you can find speciality coffee and tea made by dab-handed baristas, plus a small selection of delicacies.

Jāņa iela 5

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