1. Moving your belongings

To move your belongings to Latvia, the most efficient method of transfer is provided by international shipping companies. Please note that the shipping time and cost will depend on the country you are shipping from!

If you move belongings from one European Union country to another, there will be no tax restrictions. However, if you move belongings from a non-EU country to the EU, some import and other taxes have to be considered. Clothes and other necessities aren’t taxed, and you may apply for a tax exemption for personal property items such as household items. However, items in your possession for less than six months will be subject to import duties and taxes.

2. Relocation of family members

If you have received a temporary residence permit or an EU Blue Card or a permanent residence permit in Latvia, your spouse and child/children have the right to apply for a residence permit as well. The list of documents depends on a specific case and can be found here

If you have received long-term D visa for work, you will not be able to relocate your spouse and child/children to Latvia until you gain a temporary residence permit or an EU Blue Card or a permanent residence permit in Latvia.

3. Moving your pets

When moving to Latvia with a pet (dog, cat or ferret), there are some criteria that you have to follow:

  • The pet needs to be micro-chipped or has to have a legible & readable tattoo (tattoo option valid only if it was applied before 3rd July 2011);
  • The pet should be vaccinated against rabies;
  • The pet should have a valid European pet passport (if travelling within the EU) or an EU animal health certificate (if travelling from a non-EU country).

More detailed information can be found in on the Europa website, as well as on the website of Food and Veterinary Service Republic of Latvia. After relocation, dog owners should register their pet at the Agricultural Data Centre.

Additionally, in Riga, a dog owner has to pay their local council an annual fee for keeping the dog, which is a payment that has to be made every year for the entirety of the dog's lifetime. For more information about the fee, click here!

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